Mortgage Advice Consultations face to face over zoom

Mortgage Advice Consultations face to face over zoom

“people do not want to be sold a mortgage, they want to talk about a mortgage, it is about relationships”

Mortgages in the UK are distributed via the intermediary market, direct from the lender or a specific channel. The choices are often confusing if not overwhelming and getting independent advice provides you with impartial information and a recommendation based on your needs.

If you are an experienced buyer or purchasing for the first time or just looking to re-mortgage your property we can help you find a solution.

We can be creative and think outside of the box. These days it is not unusual for parents to provide more help financially. Pooling resources can often be the leg up that makes it all happen

Mortgage products and criteria change frequently to reflect the market place and intermediaries rely on sophisticated sourcing systems to differentiate between products to determine the most appropriate product that meets the applicant’s needs. This does not necessarily mean the lowest headline rate.

Mortgage Advice

We will complete a fact find to determine, need, affordability, criteria. Explain the buying process and methods of repayment. Explain the mortgage process & role of other agencies. Determine the availability of products that matches your profile. Explain the different risks involved, inflation, market, interest rate. Explain product types, fixed, tracker, capped, discount, variable etc. Once we’ve selected a product that best meets your needs we can produce a Key Features document that details the mortgage related costs.

The intermediary will source the ‘whole of market’ (see definition below) and select a product from this range. Direct Channel products are not available to intermediaries. However, we can still advise on the suitability of these products but cannot guarantee the information provided by the lender is accurate. Below are some key differentiators between ‘Whole of Market’ and ‘Direct Channel’ products.

Whole of Market

  • Products available to the intermediary market
  • Products can be compared on Sourcing system
  • All information available to intermediary
  • Application to Lender via the intermediary
  • Key Features produced by the intermediary
  • GMP Independent Financial Advisers LLP may receive a payment form the lender when your mortgage completes

Direct Channel

  • Products not available to the intermediary market
  • Applicant applies direct to lender
  • No information available to intermediary
  • Products can change without notice
  • Key Features produced by lender direct to the applicant
  • GMP Independent Financial Advisers LLP will not receive any payment from the lender

We charge a fee of £850 for mortgage advice. Please see our download page for our Key Facts about our Mortgage and General Insurance Services.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.